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state street storage in santa barbara

State Street Storage In Santa Barbara Is Very Convenient

Santa Barbara residents can drop the phone books, stop searching online, and stop asking friends for their input. Pavilion Self Storage proves to be the most convenient State Street storage in Santa Barbara for all your storage needs. Their location provides not only convenience, but safe and quality units as well at affordable monthly prices. Pavilion Self Storage is focused on their customers, and take as much hassle out of the storage process as possible. Hence why residents and businesses have come to them first for all their storage needs.

State Street Storage In Santa Barbara Is Very Convenient

The search for quality and safe units ends at Pavilion Self Storage. This State Street Storage in Santa Barbara is very convenient and affordable. Hence, why the first month is free when a year is paid upfront. Pavilion Self Storage also offers air conditioned units for those with sensitive stored items. Business customers are even offered 24-hour access to their units for added convenience. Keep in mind, other customers can access their units between 8:00am and 6:00pm seven days a week.

Pavilion Self Storage offers multiple sizing options for their storage. When selecting their State Street storage in Santa Barbara, tenants can choose from four different sizes. The first size is perfect for a one bedroom apartment at 5' x 10', or 50 square feet. The second storage sizing option is for a two bedroom home at 10' x 10', or 100 square feet. The third size is great for a three bedroom home at 10' x15', or 150 square feet. The fourth, and largest, offered size is perfect for a four bedroom home at 10' x 20', or 200 square feet.

Pavilion Self Storage offers the secure storage in Santa Barbara that residents deserve. All units come with peace off mind. The Pavilion Self Storage premises have 24-hour monitored video surveillance, door alarms for each unit, personal entry codes, and on-duty residential managers. Pavilion Self Storage offers all of the necessities for moving and packing as well. State Street Storage in Santa Barbara tries to make every aspect of storage easier for their tenants. Tenants can purchase boxes, packing materials, such as foam peanuts, and tape.

Pavilion Self Storage Proves To Be The Best Choice

Since established in 2006, Pavilion Self Storage has been at their Santa Barbara location. 10 years of local experiences has acclimated them to the community. Their State Street Storage in Santa Barbara offers the convenience businesses and individuals can trust. It's also good to know they accept Discover, Visa, American Express, Visa, MasterCard, check, or cash for forms of monthly payment.

Pavilion Self Storage is the best choice for storage in Santa Barbara, hands down. Getting started is easy when you contact their customer service professionals using one of many methods. Therefore, people interested in utilizing State Street storage in Santa Barbara services should contact them by phone at (805) 690-1007, or online at

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state street storage santa barbara

State Street Storage Santa Barbara Offering Amazing Convenience

Regardless of where you live in California, you're probably noticed more and more storage companies are being built every year. Since there are many facilities offering storage in Santa Barbara, it’s okay to be picky about choosing one. After all, they will be keeping and storing your belongings on a long-term or short-term basis. But there is only one convenient and safe choice for downtown residents of Santa Barbara. Pavilion Self Storage is the premier State Street Storage Santa Barbara facility that offers amazing convenience and benefits.

Questions To Ask In Searching For The Best Storage Facility In Santa Barbara

When shopping around for storage companies, you will want to prepare a list of questions to ask the staff when they show you around the facility. Here are a few questions you will want to ask:

    • What are their office hours?

Many companies that provide storage in Santa Barbara are available 7 days a week. This provides you with access to your personal belongings on a daily basis. Make sure you ask them if they are open on holidays as well. Keep in mind, a State Street storage Santa Barbara facility like Pavilion Self Storage offers these conveniences.

    • Do they provide climate-controlled units?

A professional storage company should provide a well-ventilated storage unit for their customers. An air conditioned facility is the best choice when searching for a clean storage unit.

    • Do they have a high-tech security system?

This is one of the most important questions to ask. A good storage company will have a high-tech security system such as a close-circuit TV system. Many people neglect asking about the security of a storage facility. A company that provides security will ensure that your belongings are safe from intruders.

Security will be top priority for a reputable business offering storage in Santa Barbara. A facility that is fenced-in ensures that the only people that can gain access to the storage units are the staff or renting customers. However, keep in mind that having a fenced-in facility is not the only way to ensure the safety of your belongings. State Street storage Santa Barbara facilities should have state-of-the-art security cameras that are on at all times throughout the course of the day, including after hours.

State Street Storage Santa Barbara Offers Convenience And Well Maintained Units

Another thing that customers should pay attention to is whether their State Street Storage Santa Barbara facility has maintained grounds. This let's others know if the facility takes pride in keeping their facility safe and secure. More people than not would not want to place your furniture, electronics, and other valuables in a run-down unit. Every storage facility in Santa Barbara will require maintenance at some point in time. A company that takes pride in the condition of their facility will also take pride in caring for their customers belongings.

If you’re searching for a State Street Storage Santa Barbara facility, then call (805) 690-1007 or click here for further details.

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Best Storage Santa Barbara

We Offer Clean and Safe Storage Units in Downtown Santa Barbara

When you need high-quality Santa Barbara storage, call Pavilion Self Storage at 805-690-1007. If you own a home or rent an apartment in the downtown area of this city, then remember our slogan because we are the only downtown storage in Santa Barbara, Calif. You don’t need to drive to the suburbs of Santa Barbara to have a place to store your business and household possessions. We offer a variety of storage units that are clean and safe to use. In addition, a climate-controlled unit with an air conditioner is an excellent way to protect your sensitive items. In addition, your possessions are protected by an alarm system that alerts law officials when someone tries to enter a storage unit illegally.

We Provide Suggestions Concerning Storing Your Possessions

At Pavilion Self Storage, you can drop off or pick up items seven days a week at convenient times. It is easy to park your vehicle near a storage unit in order to remove your possessions from the trunk. Pavilion Self Storage has bright lighting, helping you to feel secure while you are loading or unloading boxes. As additional protection, there are surveillance cameras so that employees can monitor activities. You are permitted to store almost anything at Pavilion Self Storage, but we do not permit storage of combustible or flammable items. In addition, we don’t recommend storing items that can attract pests such as cockroaches and mice. Our team of employees can provide information concerning the best way to store your possessions to protect the items from fading or degrading.

Our Storage Units Are Affordable

It is possible to maximize the amount of storage space in your unit by using tall metal shelving, plastic totes with lids and clothing rods on wheels. If you are storing documents, then you can buy stackable metal or plastic filing systems to hold the papers in an organized way. Proper document storage is especially important for business owners or managers who must retrieve paperwork quickly. If you are on a tight budget, then renting a storage unit at Pavilion Self Storage is affordable, and you will not need to spend a lot of money driving to a location across the city. You also don’t need to sign a long-term contract when you need a storage unit because we offer short-term options.

Don't Wait - Call Us Today

Stop shopping around for nearby Santa Barbara storage, and call us today at 805-690-1007 to see our storage facility and individual storage units. We can make sure that you have the storage unit that you require today, making it easier to organize your business or home immediately.

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