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Best Storage Santa Barbara

Finding The Best Storage Santa Barbara Has To Offer

Moving can be a very stressful time, but utilizing a storage unit during that big move can make things easier. People sometimes don’t realize how fast they end up accumulating things or belongings over time. If you are moving into a smaller living space, it can be very challenging to take everything with you. That's why finding the best storage Santa Barbara has to offer can be helpful during your move.

The Right Place For Your Storage Needs

A Storage Center is a great place to store all of your personal belongings safely. Items such as belongings that you can’t take with you to your new home. Only staff members from the best storage Santa Barbara has to offer will strive to take care of their customers. Meaning they make sure customers are happy and at peace when they leave their belongings with them.

Features To Look For In Your Search

Choosing the right storage center can be a daunting task, as it is important to be sure you can trust one with all of your important belongings. You'll want to make sure the storage center is fenced in, has 24 hour surveillance cameras, and keeps their lights on at all times. Although these details may seem silly, some facilities don’t have these security features, and are in turn targeted by thieves. Only the best storage Santa Barbara has to offer will take pride in their security measures.

It is also a good idea to find a center that offers different sized units. This will allow you to somewhat customize your space, and subsequently avoid paying for space that you don’t need. Storage units at the Best Storage Santa Barbara has to offer will have units available in a variety of sizes. For example, if you have a very large house, you will want to rent a large storage unit, such as a 10’x10’. If you only have a few small and medium sized boxes, a 5’X5’ should be a sufficient amount of space. Remember if you are unsure which size unit you will need, ask a staff member to help estimate one for you.

You’ll also want to choose a facility that offers insurance to its customers. Adding insurance onto a rental fee may seem a bit expensive initially. But, the peace of mind it provides can be worth it in the long run! These features are just a few of the benefits you will receive with the best storage Santa Barbara has to offer.

The Best Storage Santa Barbara Has To Offer

It can be hard to find a storage center that will offer you all of these features, but no when looking at the right place. Pavilion Self Storage Center offers those great features mentioned above and they offer them at a reasonable price. Only the best storage Santa Barbara has to offer will work hard at developing good relationships with customers. Therefore keeping them coming back for all of their storage needs.

Come by and check out Pavilion Self Storage anytime and see why they are the best storage Santa Barbara has to offer! Opening Hours : Daily - 6:30am to 8:30pm Contact : (805) 690-1007

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Finding the Best Storage in Santa Barbara is Easy as 1-2-3

When looking for the best solution for storage in Santa Barbara residents can drop the phone books, stop searching online, and stop asking friends for their input. The best storage in Santa Barbara can be found at 817 State Street in Santa Barbara, CA 93101.

The search ends at Pavilion Self Storage. They are located right on State Street in Downtown Santa Barbara. The first month is free when a year is paid upfront. Pavilion Self Storage also offers air conditioned units. For business tenants using Pavilion Self Storage's storage in Santa Barbara, companies are offered 24-hour access to their units. All other customers can access their units between 8:00am and 6:00pm seven days a week.

For self storage in Santa Barbara, residents usually have to deal with a plethora of hassles, the main hassle being "self." Not every person is a professional mover. Pavilion Self Storage is focused on their customers. They take as much hassle out of the storage process as possible.

Pavilion Self Storage offers multiple sizing options for their storage. When selecting their storage in Santa Barbara, tenants can choose from four different sizes. The first size is perfect for a one bedroom apartment at 5' x 10', or 50 square feet. The second storage sizing option is sized for a two bedroom home at 10' x 10', or 100 square feet. The third size is great for a three bedroom home at 10' x15', or 150 square feet. The fourth, and largest, offered size is perfect for a four bedroom home at 10' x 20', or 200 square feet.

Pavilion Self Storage has been at their Santa Barbara location since they were established in 2006. 10 years of local experiences has acclimated them to the community. They offer storage in Santa Barbara that businesses and individuals can trust. They accept Discover, Visa, American Express, Visa, MasterCard, check, or cash.

Pavilion Self Storage offers all of the necessities for moving and packing, as well. They make simple every aspect of storage in Santa Barbara. Tenants can purchase boxes, packing materials, such as foam peanuts, and tape.

Pavilion Self Storage offers the secure storage in Santa Barbara that residents deserve. All units come with peace off mind. The Pavilion Self Storage premises have 24-hour monitored video surveillance, door alarms for each unit, personal entry codes, and on-duty residential managers.

Pavilion Self Storage is the best choice for storage in Santa Barbara. Getting started is just as easy as contacting their customer service professionals using one of many methods. People interested in utilizing the services offered by Pavilion Self Storage should contact them by phone at (805) 690-1007, or online at

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Clean Storage Units at the Best Storage in Santa Barbara

At Pavilion Self Storage, our slogan is that our company is your only storage in downtown, Santa Barbara, Calif. Not only do we have a low price guarantee, but also, we provide the best storage in Santa Barbara.

Rent Clean Storage Units in Downtown Santa Barbara

In addition, we are the only storage facility in the downtown area, making it easier to access your stored items if your business or home is located in the area. If you don’t have enough space in your home or business for all of your possessions, then rent a storage unit that is the right size for your belongings. A storage unit is suitable for an assortment of items, including:

• Household goods – furniture, appliances and electronics
• Personal items – clothing and mementos
• Inventory – products that you plan to sell
• Paper – medical records and documents

Our Storage Units Are Monitored by Security Devices

Rather than having a cluttered office or private residence, store excess but essential items at Pavilion Self Storage. We have provided the best storage in Santa Barbara for several years, and our facilities are monitored by security devices on a 24-hour basis each day of the year. It is easy to bring new items to your locked storage unit during the day from early morning until the evening. You can also stop by to pick up items that you need for the next day.

A Nearby Storage Facility Saves Time

There are great reasons for using storage units, including having a small apartment or office where it is impossible to keep your possessions. Alternatively, you might be in a transition of moving from one home to another during a divorce or after completing college. While many storage facilities are located in the suburbs, Pavilion Self Storage maintains a high-quality assortment of storage units in the downtown Santa Barbara area. This means that you don’t need to drive on a crowded California highway for several miles to deliver your possessions or to pick up something that is needed right away.

How Customers Can Contact Pavilion Self Storage

At Pavilion Self Storage, a representative will provide a list of the things that are suitable for storage in one of our units. To maintain safety, we do not permit our customers to store combustible items such as paint that can start a fire. In addition, our units are not suitable for the storage of perishable food items. We do not allow clients to operate machinery, electronics or appliances in a storage unit. By following these guidelines, our storage units are safe and clean so that you can store valuable possessions. For the best storage in Santa Barbara, contact Pavilion Self Storage today at 805-690-1007.

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