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Self Storage Santa Barbara Packing And Storing Advice

Self Storage Santa Barbara has proven to be quite helpful in keeping ones belonging safe and sound. Whether storage is needed during a move, relocation, or just to clear up some space at home, it provides sanctuary for belongings. But, the process of packing and storing is just as important as well. Packing your furniture, fragile ware, and other items doesn’t have to be a hassle. Your local self storage Santa Barbara facility, Pavilion Self Storage, offers advice to keep in mind and follow for optimal storing.

Self Storage Santa Barbara And Furniture For Optimal Storing

When storing furniture into self storage Santa Barbara make sure that you don't lean or prop your furniture up against the walls. If you're packing upholstery, avoid placing it on the floor. It's recommended to place a covering on your upholstery. This will help preserve your furniture fabric and keep it in good condition until you need to use them in the future. When storing tables, make sure you disassemble the legs and wrap them neatly in paper. If you have a table that you can't take apart, simply put padding on the ground and turn the table upside down with the legs facing the ceiling.

Also, place a plastic sheet on the ground and place your mattresses, sofas and mirrors on end with protective covers. You can also use a corrugated cardboard matt or you can place them on a pallet. To save on space, you can use your dresser drawers to place your linens and you can use your dresser tops for stacking up cartons. As far as your chairs, simply stack them up on top (seat to seat) or you can place them on top of the tables upside down. Following these self storage Santa Barbara guidelines will help ensure your furniture is stored properly.

Packing and Storing Fragile Items

Organization and labeling of your belongings is worth the effort when it comes to self storage Santa Barbara. Make sure you label each box according to its item name. This is important, especially if you're hiring moving staff to pack your boxes into the truck. Make sure you pack fragile items, such as your saucers, dishes, bowls, glassware and tea cups upright. Always place them on the top of the cartons. Packing and storing fragile items may seem time consuming, but doing so correctly can save you frustration and money in the long run.

When packing fragile items into moving boxes, always stuff them with packing bubbles or paper. This will help keep your items secure. Always make sure your boxes are closed securely. Purchase packing tape to help keep your boxes closed throughout the duration of your transport and storage. It is also important that you keep your boxes under 30 lbs. This will not only make it a lot easier to lift, but gives the box less chance of breaking open. Remember, convenient self storage companies like Pavilion Self Storage also provide boxes and moving supplies on site if needed.

Preparing For Your Move With Pavilion Self Storage

When moving furniture and appliances to your storage space, make sure you prepare them for the move in advance. For example, always disconnect your appliances and box up your stereo equipment and TV sets. Also, when placing your items into a self storage Santa Barbara facility, make sure you place the items that you will use the most in the front. This will make it a lot easier to find, should you need those items in the future. To find out more information about self storage Santa Barbara, call (805) 690-1007 to speak with Pavilion Self Storage. They are here for not only packing and storing advice, but for the best storage options available.

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