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Self Storage Of Santa Barbara Provides Great Options

When you need a self storage of Santa Barbara, look to Pavilion Self Storage for great options. If you own a home or rent an apartment in the downtown area of Santa Barbara, then will appreciate our slogan. We are the only downtown storage in Santa Barbara, CA! You don’t need to drive to the suburbs of Santa Barbara to have a place to store your business and household possessions. We offer a variety of storage units with great options that are clean and safe to use. For example, we offer climate-controlled units as an excellent way to protect your sensitive items from extreme temperatures. In addition, your possessions are protected by an alarm system that alerts law officials when someone tries to enter a storage unit illegally. All these great options and more can be found at Pavilion Self Storage!

Self Storage Of Santa Barbara Provides Great Options

At Pavilion Self Storage, we take pride in being the self storage of Santa Barbara that provides great options. For example, you can drop off or pick-up items seven days a week at convenient times. Plus, it's easy to park your vehicle near a storage unit in order to remove your possessions from the trunk. Pavilion Self Storage has bright lighting, therefore helping you feel secure while loading or unloading boxes. As additional protection, there are surveillance cameras so that employees can monitor activities.

Although self storage of Santa Barbara facilities allow many great options of storing various possessions, there are still limits. For example, customers are permitted to store almost anything at Pavilion Self Storage except for combustible or flammable items. In addition, we don’t recommend storing items that can attract pests such as cockroaches and mice. Our employees provide information concerning the best way to store your possessions to protect the items from fading or degrading. Make sure when choosing a self storage of Santa Barbara facility that you can look to their staff member for any advice.

Our Benefits Include Providing Storage Units That Are Affordable

If you are on a tight budget, then renting from a self storage of Santa Barbara facility can prove to be a challenge. But, at Pavilion Self Storage we provide great options such as affordability and convenience. Hence you will not need to spend a lot of money driving to a location across the city. You also don’t need to sign a long-term contract Pavilion Self Storage. And that's because we offer short-term options to cater to our customers needs.

Also, here's a tip for saving some space! Maximize the amount of storage space in your unit by using tall metal shelving, plastic totes, and clothing rods on wheels. Storing documents in your storage unit? Utilizing stackable metal or plastic filing systems to hold the papers in an organized way is also great. Proper document storage is especially important for business owners or managers who must retrieve paperwork quickly. These strategies could help you conserve space within a self storage of Santa Barbara unit. Therefore saving you money from having to rent a larger unit monthly.

Pavilion Self Storage Of Santa Barbara Provides Great Options

Stop shopping and turn to Pavilion Self Storage for all your storage needs! Call us today at (805) 690-1007 to see our storage facility and individual storage units. We can make sure that you have the storage unit that you require today, making it easier to organize your business or home immediately!

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